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What are Private Intelligence Agencies?

While private sector intelligence agencies exist in several countries, the industry is far and away the strongest right here in the United States. Presently there are a number of sizable private intelligence organizations that work throughout the world, and UGIA is one of the most experienced within the marketplace.

According to a New York Times editorial, 70% of the United States intelligence budget currently goes to private sector intelligence service providers - making it a $56 billion a year market. Over 500,000 private contract workers actively hold top-secret security clearances within the United States alone. This is a fairly unique circumstance and generally doesn't apply in the vast majority of Allied Nations. The majority of people devote decades operating in the intelligence field throughout the civil services, including well-known agencies such as the CIA or even MI6 in addition to the military services as well as law enforcement agencies, prior to transitioning to the private sector.

A large number of private agencies were in fact founded by retirees coming from the public sector. It's now commonplace for public sector agencies to contract out a considerable amount of the projects that they used to execute internally to private experts. The private sector has the ability to oftentimes provide higher than average compensation than that of state and federal government positions and typically provide a provocative lure to highly effective public sector agents, analysts and technicians.

The Private Sector Challenge

The private intelligence sector maybe more challenging to get into than that of public intelligence. As touched on in this article, the majority of professionals that break into the private sector initially operated publicly, even though there certainly are entry-level positions available. The intelligence sector requires very particular personalities. Much, if not nearly all, of the projects are research & analysis based. These kinds of positions will in most cases require some traveling and a significant amount of regional and international practical knowledge. For university students who have an interest in politics, current events, as well as safety and security topics, private sector intelligence can certainly provide an exciting career opportunity.

The UGIA Difference

We both recognise and value the fact that we must provide a level of service far beyond what you could get from dedicating your own time and financial resources into comparative intelligence gathering activities, and that is where our vast level of experience and unique specialists truly prove to be ideal in most use cases.

Advanced Skillsets for Modern Threats

We are an exceptionally skilled agency with a unique level of access to modern tools, precise data gathering systems, and the most sophisticated of intelligence networks. This enables us to provide a genuinely global private intelligence service offering an in-depth, cross-border understanding of the various legal, societal, business and international trade practices spanning across many varied locales.

Using these assets to our greatest advantage to accomplish the most for our clientele is a key aptitude and one we intensely focus upon during the completion of each project that we are assigned. A vast amount of time and assets are diverted into Project Analysis, Information Gathering Concepts & Asset Development, as well as AOT (Ahead of Time) and JIT (Just in Time) resource planning. These areas of expertise are offered in an effort to guarantee that we can remain ahead of the exponential and oncoming wave of technological advancement, artificial intelligence development and machine learning engineering.

This refined balance of traditional practices and techniques such as:

  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence)
  • FININT (Financial Intelligence)
  • SIGINT (Signals Intelligence)
  • MASINT (Measurement and Signature Intelligence)
  • CYBINT (Cyber Intelligence)
  • TECHINT (Technical Intelligence)
  • TELINT (Telemetry Intelligence)
  • GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence)
  • CRIMINT (Criminal Intelligence)

Additionally, we further refine our practices via non-traditional uses of OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) concepts and practices along with the assertion of a defined technological prowess that allows our agency to emerge as the de facto leader in Private Intelligence Agencies anywhere in the world.

Effective Asset Coordination

This effective coordination of time and specialized assets implies that Unified Global Intelligence is able focus additional time and resources on discovering hard to acquire data that will benefit your business or government agency in ways previously unknown to the global intelligence community. That said, we also work intimately with other intelligence professionals and agencies, particularly in instances of litigation and the revealing of commercial business practices designed to both supplement as well as enhance your due diligence process throughout the course of normal business operations. 

Forging the Frontier in Modern Cultural Intelligence

Lastly, our expanded sensitivity to Cultural Intelligence; also known as CULINT; is crucial in a considerable number of our worldwide projects, where a comprehensive understanding of local culture and strategic business policies can be vital to the success of your project.

If you are interested in seeking additional information or have a project undertaking that is at the top of your priority list, and you believe Unified Global Intelligence might be of assistance, please make contact via the form on our contact us page. Bare in mind, all contacts are encrypted and are treated discreetly and professionally and considered highly confidential.

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